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This is mine C: (not drawn by me, credit goes to darkarctik) She is more of a 'desire' for me. I wish I had bright red hair (my hair is red, but very dull) and bright green eyes (hazel.) I wear black and blue the most, so that's where I got her colors from.

Mine's a Lupus Hellbeast, a breed I made up. x) He's basically a cross between a large canine with long ears, and has lion-ish legs. :) He's also a god of war in Hell. :D He's in my avatar too <3

Aru's Ref
My avatar's big pic.

Mine is Nanime (gnaw knee may) and i'm a pure white wolf with light blue eyes. I'm supposed to be the desendent of Kiba (lol Wolf's Rain! lol i love that show! ^_^) My personality is funny, nice, adventrous, brave, and board if i have nothing to do.

Mine is Miles the raccoon. Raccoons are witty, edgy, and love to eat, just like me (no I'm not overweight). I also have Uzuri, a lioness who's independant, smart, and daring She lives on her own as a loner, and will not mate. She hates when others get into her buisness and intrude, and will attack if you intrude more than once. Uzuri looks tough and mean, but she usually uses her wit to fight instead of her paws. She's in my sig.

Mine is Lynx Walker. I'm a female Canada Lynx with some unusual markings. I tend to be hyper (a trait I frequently display in real life) and curious (I'm always asking and wanting to know why), but sometimes I can be soft-spoken, particularly when I'm deep in thought. I enjoy chasing almost anything that moves (much like domestic cats), but I'm also quite fond of meditation. One of the things I really dislike is being yelled at. I have a mate too. He's actually a wolf-dog who goes by the name Ardent Softheart.

Click here for Lynx Walker's Anthro form Reference Sheet

Here's what she looks like in FH using a preset I made:


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