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No more lions D:

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Did the title draw you in? no?... eh XD

Anyway I'm not sure if this is supposed to be in here but its worth a try.
Being a player of IT when it was up, it was filled with lions. (what I mean is that there wasn't many people who made their characters look like a wolf)
Its sort of sad now, to see that hardly anyone plays as a lion on FH. Most of the time its wolves, and if you haven't noticed it you'll notice it for now, thats for sure. Also theres so many wolf roleplays but never any lion ones, and the only other lion RPs are TLK ones, which isnt very "creative character" friendly. It'd be nice to see more lions, I mean don't get me wrong the wolves are pretty cool and I'm glad Kov decided to put them in game, but I would like to see more lions.
Maybe thats just me though ^^

I agree with you D8 Though at certain times I've noticed more lions online. All my characters are lions, I only have two canines C: I've always liked cats better.

All of my characters are lions, and I don't really spend much time in public maps so I don't see what you're saying.. but i'm sure the whole 'wolf' phase will die down at some point. I mean hey, FH just came out with a new species, people are dying to make characters for them. :)


good point aroxy. I love canines and felines,and i wish they were both equal amounts. I have seen a couple rps in lions though

I think we need to give the game some time, let people enjoy the canine mesh, hopefully there will be more felines at some point. ~ But yeah.. x_x


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