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Impressive title meshes in feralheart?

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Sooo anyway... I was bored.... VERY bored. and i was liek... ima do some it meshes and put dem in fh :3
If anyone wondered why they would not put in wings... theyd kinda look like this o3o yus very big D:

Oh and also i dont know if anyone else talked about wings.
Heres a lil pic of a modle That was in Impressive title. bracelet 6.

Ill only do one more because i dunt want dis to become a screenshot gallery LOL oh and if there is another one of these threads. plz delete this one nao.

So anyway, Ive been thinking... why not bring some impressive title mehes back? (I cant spell today DX) I was thinking if the impressive title meshes for wings would be added in the game. just a bit tweaked and re textured so its more realistic although... There is one bad thought about that. Canines are highly popular in feralheart. And I'd hate to see all the poor felines that want to be realistic, and have no wings when a million canines are flying around and.... whut was  i gunna add? So yah I dont really think that thought is very good. Poor lion king RPers. Items wouldnt be fair either. Theyred be a bunch of ppl crying for items and being meeaanzz.. Plus its  kind of hard to think of textures for items. Well the page is glitching up and going back and forth and now i dunt want to right because im starting to feel dizzy alright bye (This topic took 5 min to make :3)

IAnother suggestion why u should not add them. since wings are so big. When you insert them on character edit. They would go out of the screen. Therefor coloring nearly impossible.

Because they don't fit correctly to the meshes, especially since you can change the width, height, etc.

And the wings look incredibly fake on FH, it just doesn't suit the style :/

That's actually pretty cool xD

All that is pretty cool,
I'd love for wings to be re-implanted. But realistic wings, :'3

I'm okay with DinWolfie <3


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