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Before Posting Your Thread - Look Here!


Welcome to the
Community Activities Hub!
Here you may make a thread for your very own events, activities, livestreams, movie nights, or various goings-on inside or outside of FeralHeart.
Before you post, please keep these guidelines in mind to keep our board clean and effective for all who use it.
- Please keep all activities and events friendly to all users and age groups
- FeralHeart rules apply to all events posted in our forums
- When posting, have the main idea for your event planned out. In other words, don't post any "What should we do?" question threads in this board, to help prevent clutter
- If you have already posted a thread for an event, do not double post for the same event for updates-- you can modify the old one to show your updates

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the removal of your event.

If you have made any event/movie/activity threads before now, please PM a staff member and we will happily move your thread here for you.
Thanks for reading!


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