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Just what kind of Game is FeralHeart?

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An old thread of mines from Kahara's FH/IT forums

I used this to help a game called Aeon Phase at one point..

but my map/web kinda confused me alittle when trying to add IT or FH to it... hm x.x doesn't seem to fit well with any of em..

Your thoughts?

Key ( just in case you don't know the categories):
MMO Casual = Furcadia, SecondLife
MMO Simulation = Wolf Quest.

  I think that FH could be considered a bit of everything in the future. At the moment there is not really enough for it to be more than a casual MMO, but with the things I have seen that might be considered being added, FH could takes things from each and make them it's own. So i see FH being a bit of a hybrid in the future.

I voted Casual.. For now~

I think, if more things are added like prey, then it might be more of.. an action-y game? But right now, essentially all you do is walk around, and talk to people lol. Not bad, just sayin... Pretty casual.

>.> Just because it doesn't have a plot/items/whatever doesn't mean it can't be a role playing game.  I mean, what's so bad about actually typing stuff?  I mean, it is pretty casual so it leans that way more, but it very much has elements of RPG that I enjoy and will hopefully be developed more in the future with out going all the way out there.

I change my mind and vote.  Casual.  With elements of RPG.  C:

Voted Casual. ^:^


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