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Groups dissapearing, nothing new.

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As many in this place already know, is that the groups have been hard to create or just keep in an existance.

The problem with creating is usually that you move between maps without actually saving the group, or maybe that you crash and it isn't saved properly. This usually fixes itself if you create the group inside the first map you enter and then disconnect once you're done and the group should be there once you get back. Pretty much the same way as the bios work.

Thing is though that many players experience their groups getting deleted, and this is not the mods work even though some might think so. Sure a bug ingame is a good way to put it, but people seem to not know for certain why they're getting deleted, so I thought I might aswell post it here to put some light on it and explain what I think the problem might be. But maybe I just had some timing when this happend, I don't know.

FH can crash for pretty much anyone for some reasons, for me, it freezes or crashes usually when I tab in and out from the game, the chances of this doing so is higher if running the game in full screen and a high resolution(atleast for me).

I used to have no trouble at all with the groups even though I created several ones. I knew the problem was there but I didn't understand how it worked. My group seemed to stay while others were dissapearing.

Here's the kicker. When I crash, I usually wait a few mins untill I'm trying to rejoin again, since the game can crash right after joining again, or the character can clip through the ground then crash, and sometimes it just doesn't load the starting position properly and you can just spawn anywhere on the map. I had a crash a few days ago, and I was very hesitant on logging back on since someone was there waiting, and when I got back, I spawned in a different position, and the group was completely gone.

So, as it seems, the deletion of groups might be related to the crashes, and trying to join and load your character right after a crash. This could be because your client still exist inside the game and holding all the information, and once you logg on with the same one it doesn't get the group info since it's already loaded on the other one, and then you get a new empty one that becomes the primary as soon as the old character times out and the group deletes itself since no character is holding. Well, something similar to that, I'm probably talking alot of random crap now but arrr... I don't even know for certain how the groups are saved more than they're server sided. But it could be because of the crashes.

I'd say that if you have experienced your groups getting deleted alot, try creating one that says after rejoining. And then, if you experience crashes on that char, wait atleas 5 mins before joining after a crash and see how long it lasts.

Maybe I'm wrong but it could be worth trying.

Main reason I posted this was because alot of people have mentioned dissapearing groups, and no one really pointed anything out, or had any bigger clue. Sorry if some of you already knew this. But aye!


Thanks red, i know you r are trying to help. But there is a post on this discussing the matter of what it could possibly be as well. I tried to put some light on the main things that happen before a group crashs. its all listed here   The creating a group in first map doesnt work, at least for me and 10 other friends i know it doesnt. It was a good try though, as for the crashing thing, that could be the reason for some, but as for me, it rarely ever crashs, sometimes i dont come on for just a day after logging off and its gone. Sometimes i go to work and i come back on later 5 maybe 6 hours later...its gone. Its good to have some ideas of this though, ill be sure to keep an eye for that, and see if i can figure out any little clues to. Thanks Red. :)

Alright, thanks for letting me know, was probably a weird timing I had in my case I spose making it look this way. Saw that thread earlier but I felt like creating a new one for this one cause only and a more narrow aproach on just this and see what sort of replies I'd get. Just "this" wasn't listed.

The creating of a group inside the first map shouldn't fix the deleting issue, was more just the making of the actual group creation work since it doesn't for some aswell though.

This is something I assumed since it worked fine for months and this small change was the only thing I could come to think of and it would actually make sense if it were.

Bios and groups are saved on the server side I believe.

Yea, for those who cant make groups the bonfire thingy works as well havent had problems with my bio for long time :o so perhaps its fixed! yay dreaded curse is gone! XD Still been noticing my character off and on saying nothing in her group space. Some time it says her group name, other times it doesnt o.O yet its still up *crosses fingers* hope it doesnt mean its gonna delete soon.

Still working on soultions that i can try and figure out for it. Testing out a member thing atm :3

The group might or will most likely go blank when you swap maps. If you rejoin you'll still be in it. Just to press the paw icon. The bios and the group bug are somewhat related.


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