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Please take a moment of your time to give us your valuable input! With your assistance we hope to improve and refine your experience with the Feral Heart forum/site. In the past a number of threads have been brought up featuring various opinions and ideas in regards to the Feral Heart forum/site. We’ve taken the time to create this official survey to collect all the forum/site related feedback in one easily referable spot for the staff. All answers are anonymous and everyone is welcome to participate. We want to continue to make the best of your FH experience so help us with your feedback! :) We are very excited to see what you all have to say!

 Keep in mind that this survey is timeless and will remain up forever but may be updated within need. If you have any additional questions or suggestions about the survey feel free to post them below! We ask that you remain respectful and constructive with your responses.
Thank you!

PS: We agree about the dots. :P

New survey up!

Just to explain things a bit since I notice a number of you mention how long this forum update thing and just staff attention to it has taken. 

I think we all agree that it has taken long.

Staff are all in the same boat with you and are just as eager to see it updated and looking swanky. Thing is that ever since the first update sometime back, we never got to follow up on working on it because other things came up that took priority, example patches, certain incidents, events, contests, parties, streams, on top of the small staff team juggling their personal lives and struggles while balancing time for all these other things. Life happens, time flies by and before you know it something you put on the side that you thought you’d get to soon has ended up getting pushed back further than you initially intended. Since the forum worked and looked decent enough we also didn’t put the amount of stress that we do with other projects. Keep in mind that Raz himself is the only individual who can really start and facilitate the actual forum update. The rest of the staff don’t have the amount of access he does to be able to simply change things, nor would we really know how without his guidance. Outside of that most of the staff didn’t feel confident enough in their personal skills with designing the site etc. We had reached out to other sources to help us with certain aspects of the site designing but they either didn’t come through or ended up having to drop out of the planned project simply because again, life happened or things didn’t work out. This matter has only recently again been mentioned and we are hoping to finally be able to give it the attention it’s deserved for a while now. We have to keep in mind though that this can only happen once Raz has acquired the time to focus his energies to it amongst many other things he’s got to manage both for FH and outside it. The site/forum itself needs some back end work and updating by Raz to bring it up to par before the actual aesthetic design part of it can be done.

In the meantime while we hopefully get this project on it’s legs again this survey’s responses will help guide us with our future work as we take in your valuable feedback.

Thank you all for your continued support and patience with everything <3

Thank you so much for this. Will be filling this out very shortly.

Filled out.



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