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So I know I'm not the only one morbidly depressed watching this game slowly die. Numbers dwindle daily, I see more and more people saying they're considering leaving. I think we could all agree, changes are needed in order to bring this game back to it's former glory. Now I know nothing can be done until the staff have the go ahead from Raz, and I'm sure they're all eager to fix this game as much as the next person, I just thought I'd throw out some ideas that may bring some life back into this old hunk of junk we can't seem to let go of.

- First and foremost, of course we all know this is our main issue; registration. We can't expect to get any new people at all when they can't even make an account. Now I know registration was closed due to trolls on the forums, but even though I think that was completely unneccessary, how long has it been now? Why is it still closed? This huge wall between us and the rest of the internet puts any growth to a SEVERE halt, and each day that passes with it closed is continuing to further damage this game and it's community.

- Now there is a huge doubt in my mind that Raz or even the staff members would go ahead with this, but I know for a fact that a large portion of FeralHeart's community wants to see the return of the old maps. (Fluorite, Ficho, Ascension, etc.) I believe that bringing these maps back and maybe making the current ones we have now addons would maybe bring older members back that left because of the big update. I know that the staff worked hard on the newer maps and were excited to show us and put them in action, but as far as I know there was little to no communication between the staff members and the community about whether or not we even wanted new maps and/or to trash the old ones. If there was a public vote to bring back the old maps I believe it would be a hard yes. 

- Not as important, but the return of general chat. It was widely used by the whole of the community before it was taken out and was excellent in large maps like Fluorite to make new friends, advertise roleplays, etc. I know that this was taken out due to too many people breaking the rules or abusing the chat, but in my opinion, the staff should be able to handle those rulebreakers without having to ruin the fun for everyone else innocently using the chat for what it's for.

- Bring back old events and fun stuff like FeralHeart Roleplay Day, Staff podcasts, FH radios, more frequent movie nights, etc. These kinds of things don't seem so important but they help to keep this community close and helps people know that the staff care, too. (Not saying they don't of course, though staff participation in these events, especially staff podcasts, could help to clear worries from community members) These events were honestly kind of the glue that held our tight-knit community together.

These are just a few ideas and if I have anymore I will update the post, but if anyone has any other ideas that seem like they would help to revive the game, go ahead and share them and I'll add them to the post!

I know I'm only one person but I do feel like I'm speaking for all of us when I say that we don't want to see FeralHeart shrivel up and die. I know some people are confident that it's never going to die, but seeing the numbers dwindle as the weeks go on, realistically, if nothing is to change then this game WILL die and  it will be extremely sad. I care about this game a lot, a little too much, if I'm honest. It's a huge part of my childhood and I literally grew up on it. I wouldn't be here today if I hadn't met the people that I did on this little game. Seeing it die out without giving it a chance to fluorish again so that the younger generation may have the same wonderful experiences I and many other veteran players have had would be extremely disheartening.

So please, Raz and staff, take these suggestions into consideration, and please don't let this be the end of this little place we call home.

All of your suggestions have been considered and it's not a hard yes or no on any of them. There's a lot still being discussed and a few things on hold, unfortunately :c

What we'd really love to hear from you guys is what you'd like to see or do in the meantime! Games, contests, events, etc. What appeals the most to ya'll to keep your busy minds busy while things are slowed down a bit ^-^

The Feral Heart staff has to see this!
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