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Questions I'd like answered by bot the community and staff


Let's go straight into it!
And if you can, do please make your answers short.

Why exactly do we still need to nominate people as members of the month? Isn't it just who deserves a title? To me this tradition is growing empty and meaningless. No offense, but it's the truth... Unless you prove me wrong.
I know MOTS are supposed to help out the community and work behind the curtains with the staff. I know how it works because I've been one myself (I can prove it, if needed...)
But DO the staff even need this support anymore? I mean yea, I would understand if more than hundreds of players were active again (like back in 2014), then ease is wanted because the community would be a busy place filled with people who want so many things. But now? You still want to do this for roughly 15 active forum users? I'm genuinely curious what drives you to do it, but maybe I don't have to understand, maybe it doens't even need to make sense.

Thank you for your time.

Here's a link to a thread that holds more in depth information about MOTS and it's purpose if you haven't already read it: Linkie

Raz was the one who wanted to have this proposal, and until he says otherwise it will remain.

Having this proposal is a way to help with communication, and it does help. Sometimes we just might not get every question or suggestion that's presented on the forum or other platforms, and this is a way for the community to ask us directly through those three fluffs.

What drives me personally to continue this is due to it not only being tradition, but it also gives community members a chance to work with us and get to know us more on level ground, the same goes for us towards those individuals. We staff are so few people, and it is impossible for us to talk to and get to know every single FH member there is. Some people feel intimidated by us despite our attempts to come off as friendly and nice as well, and this is a good way for them to interact with us more and vise versa instead of just a passing "hi-hello" in-game before one of us has to log off.

In my opinion, MOTs is mainly a way to engage the community. It’s a moral booster and exciting to see who will get it every season! The community nominates MOTs because it allows the staff to see who the community believes deserves the title! It’s a tradition that has been upheld from basically the beginning of FeralHeart, and should continue on in my opinion.

I think that it’s an exciting part of being on the forum, and while it may be there aren’t that many active forum users anymore, the community is loyal and there a good few players of the game as well. We’ve also been seeing quite a few people return to the game and community so hopefully FeralHeart will start thriving once more!

I think one of the best parts of MOTs, like Ame said, is getting to know and interact with the staff and see them as the people they are instead of as just staff! Also getting the community members to help come up with ideas for the future of FeralHeart as a whole is a great part of it as well!

Many of the community members who have stuck around with us still love this tradition. It shows that the staff members are still here and care about the love that people pour into this game - and the other community members reward them for that. We still do like to include the MOTs where we can - that way we can get the valuable community input and discussion and they can do what they were voted in to do. While activity around the forums hasn't been the best these past couple months, we are still seeing new and old members posting in the "Introductions" tab. :)

Also, many of these members have never experienced MOTs. I remember how excited I was when I got voted in and I know that many of the users around here still want that excitement and still want to be shown that their hard work for this community is showing. I personally hope that this tradition sticks around for as long as the game does since it brings joy and excitement within the community. :)

So, I'll offer my two cents as a current MOTs. I think that it is a fun tradition that people engage in, but it is a fairly empty title. I say this with the greatest respect for the staff who run it and the community who voted me in, but it's not obvious until you are an MOTs what goes into being an MOTs. I won't say much, as I believe I'm not supposed to other than what's outlined in the thread about it.

I don't think the tradition should be removed or anything, as it is fun and it is nice to nominate and vote for those you think deserve it. You do get to know the staff more while talking to them "behind the curtain". There's just not much to work on. Without actually engaging with your MOTs or even as MOTs engaging with the community or game, you don't do a lot more other than pass along things you hear or notice in threads/discords.

I do think that even if MOTs get to know the staff better as something other than staff-- that if that were to be a goal of the staff it should be extended to the player base. FH's player base is small. Hosting meet and greets, questionnaires on the forums (I think most of them do actually), maybe a podcast or even a little forum panel posted once a month or however often they wanna do it. There's no real reason that MOTs should be the only ones getting to know the staff if that's the best or the main reason to keep MOTs around.

Do the staff need the support? Probably not. Is it a fun little thing that the community can continue to do? Yeah, definitely.


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