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The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...

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With the year coming to an end, we on the staff team would like to thank you for joining us in another eventful year in Feralheart!
There's been ups and down, but there's no adversities we cannot overcome with the continous support and love that we receive from the community.
Now, please, join us once again as we say farewell to 2021, and welcome whatever adventures awaits us in 2022!
What exciting things will next year bring us, you ask?
I guess you'll just have to wait and see...

So, with that said, on behalf of the Feralheart staff team, please have a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a lovely New Year!
And stay safe out there, floofs!

"Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas!
This year has certainly been an adventure, and with that adventure, FeralHeart has turned a whole decade old.
It absolutely blows me away how strong, kind, careing, and clever this community is.
Through thick and thin we have made it to yet another year's end and with that I cannot thank you enough for sticking with us for so long.
Here's hoping next year shines bright for all of us!
Have a Happy New Year!"

- Ame88

"Greetings, floofs!
Another year as gone by, and I want to thank you all for sticking with us throughout the years
-- your continued support and positivity is what keeps this wonderful community together.
I hope you all have an amazing time spent with loved ones this season.
Relax and enjoy yourselves!
Happy Holidays, and here's to 2022! Cheers<3"

- Kerriki

"Happy holidays my loverly floofies!

I know yall haven't seen me around too much (life is super busy!) but I still pop in and check things out c:
I hope yall are having an amazing holiday season, I know I am!

So celebrate this season the best way you know how, and I'll see yall in the new year!"

- Bloo

"Hallo, all!

I cannot believe another year has passed us by, isn't that crazy?
2022 will be my 10th year here at Feralheart, and I'm finding that hard to wrap my head around!
It feels like only yesterday I was logging into the game for the first time.
The support, dedication and strength this community has always fills me with warmth, and nothing makes me happier to know there's still members around who cherish Feralheart the way we do.
Thank you to everyone who has been there for us, and who continues to stand by us; your kindness never goes unnoticed.
I am very much looking forward to what 2022 has in store for all of us.
Merry Christmas, floofs, and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!"

- LadySigyn


Merry Christmas everyone!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays FH! Happy to count this as my 9th year on FH~ <3 Looking forward to the coming New Year!

Stay safe and enjoy your holidays <3

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to everyone!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, FeralHeart! Can't believe I've been playing this game for 10 years already! Happy to be here with all of you! Looking forward to the New Year, may it be even better than this one!


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