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Hello to anyone who reads this post.

I have played feral-heart for years since I was 12 now I am 24...... Well I have noticed the decline in members and now when I logged onto the site to see there are only 15 members online. Well what if the developers brought out some new species that people could choose from. I know I have been in a lot of roleplays on the game it self years ago..... People some times pretend that there is prey there or another member pretends that they are a prey animal.

What if the horse like species was added so people could turn them into either a deer (for wolf roleplayers) Or a zebra (For Lion roleplayers) I think it would be very excited to c people create there characters with new species. It would open a lot of door and even more roleplays for players to create.

I also noticed people roleplay dragons and rabbits as well.

But even if more creation options where added i think people would love that such as different and more manes to choice from, new marking options, and even bringing back some of the older words that is no longer on. I would like to see more people online and I want to try and help anyway I can. I loved this game and miss making connects with other players and miss the fun and wacky roleplays.


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