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Game Suggestions and Ideas(From 9/3/2022 Meetup)


(I apparently posted this in the wrong category. My bad. So I'm reposting it when its support to be.)
Hey, It's me again, TheEarthSpirit,
Wanted to see what the staff think about a few ideas we all came up with at the Weekly Meet-up on Saturday during our game of 'Would You Rather?'?
We all know FH is mainly an rp or chatting game but due to less activity not really as easy to rp anymore.
I was figuring it would be nice to add some alternate activities to the game to do. That way no one gets bored.
At the meet up we was talking about old IT and how some of the animations...wasn't ehhhh... well done...(Attack animations were the funniest thing I swear. Backflips this flip craziness)

I know prey was talked about long long LONG ago... However, I guessed it was more of a rumor.
I figured that was long dead. But, was thinking maybe it might be a good addition. Cause some people do like a challenge and would add to roleplays.
Maybe like a toggled survival or realism thing where you had to eat and drink aka kill prey and carry the meat around if small enough. But if you toggle the survival or realism it does nothing to your character but still allows them to eat and drink?
Also figured for those that just like to sit in the game this would work. So if they didn't want to fight with eating etc they could just toggle the mode off in the Game settings.
Also figured adding edible plants would be cool too cause yes wolfs and lions eat mainly meat but often see them eating plants rarely. (Especially can see that in dogs. They can eat raspberries and strawberries and blueberries among other things. Plus gives options for other creatures to be a thing. Cause since the models can be made into anything since they are so undetailed model-wise.)
Just food for thought.
Other than this maybe add a combat system?Not just some random clicking combat system like in IT. That was funky and funny as heck. Something that would take a bit of skill to do? Like having fights but you have the ability to latch on to your opponent. But you could do some type of small mini-game to get free? Things like that...

Not to mention maybe if this is both implemented some bosses. Cause old IT had bosses you can fight. We all seemed to miss that as well as figured it would just be fun to do. Plus... PvP fights.
Items we all talked about on that matter. Most of us didn't like it was a play-to-collect items game.
Personally wasn't fond of that either. But maybe some kind of quests would be fun? Maybe a shop to sell prey and other stuff your carrying for some type of currency.
Maybe you could get a working bag or something. Carry Food with you or special items to up combat. Maybe Minor items you could craft? I don't know. Just a suggestion.
We were just throwing stuff around just cause we could which was fun. Figured just had extra stuff to do and the option to stay afk and stuff still able to be done. Just for people that get bored you got options.
All I wanted to suggest. I figured mods wouldn't like some of them. But some we thought were good ideas/suggestions.


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