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game doesnt work well 4kUHD?


hi floofs i have a 4kUHD monitor that makes playing feralheart unleashed and classic a pain since fullmode messes with it, but its too tiny to look at without

is there anyway to fix this issue, via mod or other workarounds?

currently it stretches the game and compromises the graphics big time as im playing on that monitor which is connected to my asus rog pc

its driving me nuts

If you play not in fullscreen mode, can you click and drag on the bar at the top to enlarge the image? That way you should be able to resize it to your heart's content c:

Also, if this causes the image to distort, you can simply change maps or reload to fix it.

I have big monitor too, have you tried adjusting the aspect ratio in game? Like 1920 x 1080?


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