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Can't download the latest patch note


Hey i wanted to play Fh after long time :D
But always when i try to open/download the latest patch note nothing happens :(

(sorry for some grama mistakes >.<)


So unfortunately awhile ago our server master had to add a hot fix due to an issue the server had with the executable within the installer. He created a new executable but never updated the installer, instead adding a different download for the executable. This download, for some reason, doesn't always work for everyone, so for convenience's sake I created a download containing a FeralHeart folder with the new executable already installed. Here's a link to the download: Linkie

I recommend first deleting the FeralHeart folder you already have from the installer, then extracting the FeralHeart folder within the zip file to where the original one was. Of course you are welcome to put the file wherever you wish if you so want. I also recommend creating a shortcut for the application by right clicking the FeralHeart.exe and selecting "Create shortcut" and moving that to your desktop.

I hope this helps! I you have any further issues, please let me know~

Thank you so much ^^ finally i can play again :D

WOO awesome! So glad that worked ^ -^ Enjoy!

I'll be locking this thread now as the issue has been solved~


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