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I Wish I Had Joined Earlier

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What I saw when I first joined was not Feralheart at it's peak. Those days had already been gone for years. I still had loads of fun! Using Wayback Machine and seeing how many players were there when the game first became public and before the big overhaul almost 7 years ago made me feel as if I had missed out. The new maps were what I was familiar with, but the older ones seemed great too. 600+ players online every day and hour? Sounds awesome! It had me wishing I had joined in 2015 at most like I nearly did. Either way, I never got to experience Feralheart at it's highest point...

Hi Oddonelynx! I'm an old user (I think I joined around 2014/15) but I haven't been on here in ages. I just re-downloaded the game today to check it out and see what's changed. I know it sucks when you miss the "height" of something you enjoy (I tend to be late to trends so I definitely know the feeling), but we're happy to have you here nonetheless! I hope you're able to make some good memories with this game, even if it has much less traffic than it used to  ;D

Yeah I joined in '14 when there were 700-800 at a time, before the hacking in '15. It was....amazing. I miss it.

I joined summer of 2012, it definitely was amazing minus the crashing if too many people were in a map LOL.

I joined in 2011 and it was amazing but I have high hopes that FeralHeart can get to that point again. We just have to wait and see <3


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