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Lions vs Hyenas & Lion Fighting. (Short guide)

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Thank you for posting this.
Hopefully 2 hyenas wont go up to my male lion and "rip him to shreds" as they like to say lol.
I just love it how much they like to bite me in the neck and kill me instandly. I mean comon... i dont have a mane for nothing. The mane protects the male lions neck from fatal bites actually that could kill them instandly.
Thats another reason male lions dont really want to try and bite their opponents in the neck (if the opponent is a male lion that is).

On the hyenas end:
there have been situations where hyenas hunted and succesfully killed female lions(looked up vids but not posting them. to graphic, and goory for young viewers). So females are in grave danger if they are alone or only 2-3 in a group and facing a pack of hyenas.
Plus hyenas when hunting or killing lions dont actually kill them. They tire them out, let them bleed, and eat them kind of alive. (hence why im not posting links).
So if a lion does get caught by hyenas.. they are in for great pain, and a slow death.

Very interesting and imformitive :3 I've definatly found out stuff that I didn't know before. I'll certainly keep this in mind while rping, thank you for taking the time to post this! :D

Thanks for posting this.. I never knew that lions didn't just go for the throat. Thanx :3

No problem :3


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