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I love you MOd. I love you MOd. I love you mod. Say hi SAY HI SAY HI! Can I hug YOU? = Not spam
Leaving a slew of random lyrics = not spam


Lets have a dance party! Guys! Guys lets start a dance line! Hey! Dance line! = Not spam

Stating "I lost the game" every ten minutes = Not spam

Cause none of those are pointless, meaningless or annoying to other players oooh nooooo :D

Speaking across the map to friends not near you = spam

Announcing you dog just had puppies and you're happy= spam
Debating if something is a powerplay or not with people not near you (something game related and seeking other opinions from players) = Spam

It seems the use of general chat is  in need of a lot of repair. However banning people for the reasons above for it? A little overboard. UNderstandable an hour to cool off maybe but significant months or weeks a a time? How can anyone be asked to PM a mod when 1. the mods don't reply (i've tried) and 2. the ones you are speaking about are the ones meant to help you with the problem they created?

Recently players who voice or question why one thing can or cannot be said are being banned for asking about it, or even just stating "well I don't agree and I think its mean or rude" now that can get you banned. Thats not arguing but if the ruler says it is you can all expect to shortly be smited for it. There is no freedom of speech on FH so don't start to think otherwise or you will be beheaded. Numerous people disagreed with the mod and I noticed some being banned for weeks and the mods friends being banned for only hours. There is favoritism so before you spam please people know you need to butt kiss first :3.  

Now the Mod argued that if you need to talk to friends speak in Whisper. That DOES NOT help if you are adressing more than one person. So local was brought up, if you are rping while speaking that also doesn't help does it? Then group was suggested. Well that group is for the rp isn't it? Usually so. People are constantly logging in and out and if one logs in and starts talking about something random will they be banned for missing the warning? You can probably bet this will be so. Because it happened to three people now.

Lastly the solution to this general random chat with friends might just be fixed if SOMEONE fixed the Party tool? IMO if this happened this wouldn't be such a big problem. But there is far too much power hungry habbits being tossed around amongst the last few days on the FH game and though few will speak up out of fear of permanent banning someone needs too. (apologies for any typos my computer will not show me the letters as I type) Thank you :)

As long as it is only said once, it isn't spam. However people tend to repeat the above lines over and over within a very short amount of time, which then renders it as spam.


True words Raz... if Users wont learn: They lo(oooo)se(r) the right to play, like in EVERY other serious leadet game too.

Okay, I find what Raz said a little overboard. Give them three warnings; Two public, one PM. Problem solved. If they don't comply = Kick them for two-three hours, and if they /still/ don't comply, ban them. This is what every magjor game in every magjor industry does, without getting paid.


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