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A quick understanding of the new login


Ok for those of you having problems and those of you who are just interested here is a quick rundown and some possible pitfalls when using the new login.

When you login to this page your "IP address" (the place your connecting from) is allowed to communicate with the game server. As the game server is not on the same node as the website it can take up to 60 seconds from point of login to being allowed to connect.

If you are getting thrown back to the login screen (and your sure your password is right) or just being left with a blank screen not receiving the message "You Must keep This Page Open While You Play". There are two possibilities firstly make sure you have cookies enabled if you can login on this site chances are the are enabled already. The second possibility is you may be banned right now, it currently doesn't show if you're banned and we are still investigating accounts.

There is a third thing that may happen when you try to login which is you get a message "no proxies here", I'll explain that in a moment.

Ok so lets assume your logged in. The page itself reloads every 50 seconds I didn't test with other browsers but I know on Firefox even if the tab is in the background and minimized it will always reload assuming your internet connection is maintained if your internet connection is poor you may want to install some sort of "tab reloading" addon these allow you to specify how often the page is reloaded and then the addon will continuously reload the page(a time of 25 seconds is wise if 50 is causing you trouble as then you have 2 chances to reload the page every minute). Essentially if the page isn't reloaded at least once every 60 seconds you will be logged out. The other possible problem is that what ever browser you choose to use is trying to be "to smart" some may ignore the reload request if the tab is not currently in view. If that's the case try another browser.

At this point you should have a stable link to the server. If you still cant connect I expect your using a proxy. Proxies are an anonymity tool. Not that anyone here should need to use one. Note that a proxy will not work on Feralheart so by having one setup your browser will end up with one IP and because Feralheart cant connect in the same way it will user your real IP. As the two IP's will be different you will not be able to connect. Simple advise here turn it off.

Now we've covered getting connected what might get you disconnected well trying to use the wrong username for one. And this accounts for anyone in your home. Say a sibling tries to get on there account without first logging into the site they will get you both kicked out. Or if you do something wrong in game obviously a moderator might remove you.

Typically though for a lot of users these sessions seem pretty dam stable. I can see there are some sessions that have been active for pretty much a day and that's not because the user is in game they just seem to have left the tab open.

Hopefully this clears things up




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