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The game server is back up! Please download the new FeralHeart.exe in order to log in.

Direct Download: > Link <
Link to Download Page: > Link <

Once downloaded, move the FeralHeart.exe from your downloads folder into your main FeralHeart folder (which should be located in your C: drive) and replace the old one with this one.

Alternatively, you can download a vanilla FeralHeart folder with the new .exe already installed:

> Google Drive Download <

> Mediafire Download <

After downloading, you must extract the FeralHeart folder inside of the .zip file to wherever you like in order to play.

Big thank you to Raz for figuring out this issue!

NOTE: A new tutorial is being made due to the images in the previous one being lost.

If you need further assistance on installing the .exe file manually, here is a tutorial that you can follow: > Linkie <

Issues you may experience after downloading the new FeralHeart.exe file:

.exe file showing as 0 kilobytes, "This app can't run on your PC" error:

For Firefox users, in the top right corner of your browser, click on the download arrow button, then click "Show All Downloads". From there on the top file named FeralHeart.exe, right click on it and click "Allow Download" and it should download correctly.


Alternatively, I've made a MediaFire download with the executable inside of a folder. This should download just fine without the random byte shrinkage. Simply move the FeralHeart.exe into your main FeralHeart folder and replace the old one with this new one. > Linkie < You may get a message informing you that the application or file may not be safe. Allow it anyway and it should work.

Missing .dll files error:

If this happens, make sure you have moved your new FeralHeart.exe file (make sure it's not 0 bytes! If so, see above issue) from your downloads folder into your main FeralHeart folder. You need to replace the old one that is already in your main FeralHeart folder with the new one that you just downloaded. Once done it should work.

Alternatively, reinstall FeralHeart as well as the .exe file (make sure it's not 0 bytes! If so, see above issue), and move the new .exe file into your main FeralHeart folder replacing the old one with the new one.

Other things to note:

Due to needing a fix, the server has been having some hiccups. Issues that stem from these hiccups are:

- Temporary never ending loading screen

- Sudden mass connection loss from the front server

If you experience any of these issues, please refrain from creating any Help threads regarding them as they are most likely only temporary. However if this is an ongoing issue for you and it has not fixed itself after a couple days, go ahead and let us know! We have nudged our server master about these issues so he can look into them when he is able. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Hoping I can finally play again. But thank you nonetheless staff!


Thank god it's back, I have been itching to see some floofs again. <3

Thank you for letting us all know, happy to see things up and running again. <3


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