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I not sure got the right place to send this concern I having issue finding its saying have download the patch for even after signed in the software FH. I download the setup that I believe with patch download. I didn't know if might something I am missing or can direct with link. if possible. it's asking for I got high hopes that doing it right heh. Thanks so much if you can help guild me with this I just got back in. Forgive I am little rusty just want to make sure can get into the game.

Hello! This kind of inquiry should go into the main Game Help board as it's own thread. I've went ahead and split your post into it's own thread and moved it there =)

So when it says you need to download the new patch, it's referring to a hot fix our server master had to implement awhile ago. Unfortunately he's not had the time to fix the installer to have the correct executable. To get the hot fix, all you need to do is download the 1.17a FeralHeart.exe. Here's a reference image for which one to look for:

After downloading it, simply go into your FeralHeart folder, delete the FeralHeart.exe that is already in there, and move the new .exe you just downloaded into the folder. You should be able to log into the game just fine. Also don't forget to use the Play Game tab or you won't be able to connect.

If you have any further questions or need more help, just lemme know!

I want to say that try to download the patch but its not letting me. I trying efforts uninstalling and restalling it. Just for some reason not allowing it to download that particular patch needed. Sorry for having little trouble with it, glad to be apart of it I know feel bad don't knwo what doing wrong. It still saying its needs that. Is there away can get a link for the patch with the efforts didn't know if was the browser or something else had too do. You can help guild me in the right way of doing this I appericate.

Nope, you are a-ok! No need to apologize =) Don't fret, I do have an alternate way of downloading it all since I know it tends to be fussy.

So, super easy and simple, this is a link to a google drive download that contains a vanilla FeralHeart folder with the new .exe already installed. Here's the link: Linkie

All you need to do is extract the FeralHeart folder onto your desktop or wherever you want the folder to be and everything should open just fine.

If you need anymore help lemme know!

[/i]I want to tell you this is awesome is wonderful getting back on there again, and thanks for your help it is working now.


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