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Regarding the back mane file name

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Hi! I just wanted to ask what the default file name to the back mane is? I'm downloading a new texture pack and I'm trying to fix the back mane being all white ( I have them stored in a backup file) (I also will provide a photo of the problem if needed!)

Hey Rafe-dreams!
You can find a good chunk of the texture files for the characters models in Feralheart>Media>textures>masks!
[I also believe that might have been where something is missing]!

When dragging files over i'd def keep my eyes peeled for fmaneLight, fmaneMask, fmaneMask2, fmaneShade. Could be any of those.

If this doesn't help I can download the texture pack you downloaded and take a look at it myself :3

I have Fmanelight, fmaneshade, fmanemask, and fmanemask 2 already readded. (photo of what the issue I am having looks like. The texture is the updated tearless texture) 

Looks like somebody else had this problem so i'm snagging the comments from there:

"Try replacing your materials folder (FeralHeart\media\materials) with this one: "

This won't mess with any of my markings or items will it?


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