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failed to connect to front server


Hello, i remebered this game and i really wanted to play it after a long time. But everytime i try playing it says "failed to connect to front server" and i try going to the page where we have to keep it open and it dont work either, and sometimes another msg pops up says "wrong user or password" someone please help TwT

Hey there! So it sounds like you don't remember your username and/or password. Make sure you have the Play Game page open and be logged into it: and then open the game and log into the same account you logged into on the Play Game page. If the Play Game page says 'done.' - that means something is wrong and that your username and/or password are wrong. Try going to the Home page and hit Forgotten Password!

Hm. Is the password the issue though if you're able to log into here? Unless you're trying to play on an old account, then that would make sense. What exactly is happening when you try to use the Play Game tab?


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