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Hall Of Fame (What's MOTS?)


About Member Of The Season
Member of the season works as our replacement of the old system called "Member of the month" in which we ran a vote along the community asking which member that deserved the Member Of The Month title. Now we've changed system and it's called Member Of The Season instead. What this is, is that members of the community are able to vote forward liked members for their activity, helpfulness or overall personality and those with most votes get to wear the MOTS title for the upcoming season.
Why would I want to become a MOTS?
If you are nominated forward and place in the top positions in the final MOTS vote you will gain a few treats.

- Unique coloured name on the active online list for the upcoming season
- Unique user title on your profile (Member Of The Season)
- Your name written in the Hall Of Fame among with all the other MOTM and MOTS members in the past.

How do you become MOTS?
In theory you must be nominated forward from the other members of the community to qualify in the actual MOTS vote that comes afterwards, if you place in the top 3 you will officially be a MOTS. But in order to get there you must be a friendly face outwards towards the community, be active and helpful. If members know and like who you are, you are more likely to get nominated, and more likely to place high enough in the actual vote.

Rules about MOTS
More details about the rules will be found in the actual nomination and voting threads that will be active when it's time for MOTS. A few simple rules are however that you can only nominate 2 users all together every MOTS nomination time. You must also have reached a certain post count in order to nominate other users. Once the final vote is up after the nominations, you are allowed to vote for max 3 users or less in which you think deserve the MOTS position for the upcoming season. A newer rule added recently is also that members that win the MOTS title for a season cannot be nominated forward and voted for two seasons in a row.

MOTS Proposal
Being that members of MOTS stand for the community, we are now inviting MOTS to join us in the staff room. They will be able to see new things regarding the game, join in discussions and pitch ideas on behalf of the community. Remember, MOTS are selected by the community, so choose wisely!

- MOTS access will not be limitless. MOTS will not have access to MIT(Mod in Training) selections as it's not uncommon for MOTS to be discussed for MIT positions.
- MOTS will not have direct access to reports from users.
However as the community you may approach your elected MOTS (Assuming you feel you cannot talk directly to the staff for whatever reason) and they can communicate with the staff on your behalf.
- MOTS will not have access to is the historical archive of the staff room. We believe it's unfair on previous staff who would probably never have anticipated this change to have their posts suddenly under public scrutiny. But all posts from this point unless under the two categories above will be available to them.

On behalf of the community, MOTS will now be here to create more transparency between the community and staff. If MOTS feels that staff is not working to the best of their abilities or feels staff is not doing their job, they can speak to staff in regards to it. But if staff finds a MOTS simply spewing information from the staff for the purposes of popularity or other reasons not beneficial to the community, they will be removed from their post (This will be discussed with the other MOTS at the time). MOTS will not be receiving moderator powers. MOTS are here to bring your ideas and opinions directly to staff.

Hall Of Fame
The users is what makes the community in the end, and in this section we want to put up the names of good members that has shown a great example of how to help and thrive the community forward to a better place. Their time, activity and attitude among us all have been more than welcome and therefore, they are listed here as a reminder to us all.

2011 (The Starting Year - Welcome World!)
(During Member of the Month System)













2012 (Second Year - Adaptive times)

MOTS Spring
Cloudfish, Jayfeather55, Ouuka

MOTS Summer
BigSkippy, Thierry, Tearless

MOTS Autumn
PrettyReckless, LordSuragaha, RawSyndicate

MOTS Winter
LordSuragaha, Bawfle, DoctorFlob

2013 (Third Year - Building blocks)

Shallow, BouncyLion101, Feareh

Lady_Alizarin, Thierry, Hugrf

Feareh, Vespian, Bawfle

OreoHeroz, Bawfle, Feareh

2014 (Fourth Year - A New Beginning)

AlphaEclipse, Vespian, Zady

Vask, Ingredient, Kerriki
AutumnAlphaEclipse, xRuby1234x, JimMoriarty
WinterTwistedLizard, Raphilion, WhisperingWaves

2015 (Fifth Year - Clockworks)
SpringDelightfulRevenge, ~Thyme~, Turtlex

SummerWarriorstrike, WolfieMuffin, Ritatalia
AutumnPanzram, ?Enoki?, Mojave

WinterPrettyReckless, Hooligans, Goldchocobo

2016 (Sixth Year - Fortify)
SpringEdolicious, Preach, Likuu

SummerShurtle, Hakumi, ArcticGalaxy

AutumnRoseTheFox, Kynvuu, Ruby1234

WinterMorgra, Fireboss, OutofBreath

2017 (Seventh Year - Altruism)
SpringBloo., Accailia, Enoki

SummerBawfle, Regularities, Chipz

AutumnVortexAlive, Vespian, Shurtle

WinterHakumi, Azura, FlyingGrass

2018 (Eighth Year - Sacrifice)
SpringValar.Morghulis, Panzram, Accailia

SummerFlyingGrass, Kuri, Lucius

AutumnPocketMutt, morqque, Ame88

WinterLady_Alizarin, Bloo., Likuu

2019 (Ninth Year - Perseverance)
SpringAlphaEclipse, Bawfle, Notorious.

SummerValar.Morghulis, Jango_Fett, Esarosa

AutumnAlphaEclipse, Likuu, Notorious.

WinterBirdieBeep, ungodlycoyote, Ellen11v

2020 (Tenth Year - Legacy)
SpringSpicyDirt, cattails, xSpirit

SummerFaewyn, Sigynlioness, Lark

AutumnOddonelynx, QuietMacaroni, Dark_heart

WinterIronic, DylanCheetah, Kuri

2021 (Eleventh Year - Rebirth)
SpringferimeX3, BluuLeopard, Telluric

SummerBloodWinsAll, Toonanimals317, Forks

AutumnSecurity, PanzerWulff, D-ead7Dog

WinterTelluric, toonanimals317, BloodWinsAll

2022 (Twelfth Year - Growth)
SpringferimeX3, Security, D-ead7Dog

SummerDomino-FH, BlackSheWolf, faewyn

AutumnTheEarthSpirit, DylanCheetah, ferimeX3

WinterBlackSheWolf, Domino-FH, BloodWinsAll

2023 (Thirteenth Year - Patience)
SpringD-ead7Dog, Kouvinxx, TheEarthSpirit

Summerfaewyn, BloodWinsAll, Telluric

AutumnD-ead7Dog, toonanimals317, Azurain

WinterTelluric, BloodWinsAll, Saboomba

2024 (Fourteenth Year - )
Springcosmohause, Azurain, Harleen
SummerD-ead7Dog, toonanimals317, Telluric


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