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Title: Scientific Notation V2
Post by: MildlyAnnoyed on August 14, 2019, 04:48:06 am
Hello! the name of this group is Scientific Notation, Version 2! (V2 because v1 became inactive after a month).

What is SN?
Scientific Notation is about a small town that houses many scientists, most of them graduating from Bioink University, a leading scientific research company. these scientist (not being very well experienced) would create...creatures.. (the experiments). Unsure of what to do with them, they stored their inventions in the jailhouse, only to be purchased and used as slaves. some experiments are:

laborers: Usually the bigger ones who can lift heavy objects and can tolerate lots of physical and mental strain.
Lessons The ones that seem the most unique or interesting, they are used for learning purposes, usually they are adopted by professors.
Maids/Butlers Average creatures that do their best in an average environment, usually running errands for their owner.
Pets: Sometimes, if an experiment is lucky, it will be adopted as a pet. Usually the ones like this are the ones that are more feral and beast-like.

And the you have the scientists:

The professor: Teaches the younger aspiring scientist about normal science things or about the creature they've created.
Jail-keepers: Not exactly a scientist, but important none-the-less. They monitor the jail, make sure nothing gets outta line.
Caretakers: Care's for the creatures. knows their diet and temperament, suitable for the patient and kind-of-heart.
Scientists: Just average scientists. studies and records data about normal science-things.

We are still re-building from our last downfall, and we need all the members we can get! it wouldnt hurt to maybe see a few familiar faces too? if any old members from V1 are still out there.

Our new discord is complete, and holds much more detailed info. there is a visitors role so you dont need to join to see it. you can also join and talk in the visitors chat if you just want to hang out as well! https://BannedSite/XzETsmq

Thank you for stopping by! (and sorry if this post isnt supposed to be here, i dont post to the forums often)
Title: Re: Scientific Notation V2
Post by: MildlyAnnoyed on August 14, 2019, 06:50:33 pm
We're online recruiting now if anyone want to join!