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Official Forum Rules and Guidelines
« on: January 28, 2017, 02:26:40 am »
Forum Rules and Guidelines

These are the basic guidelines to the forum. Anyone found breaking one or more of these rules will be dealt with.

  • This is the Official Forum
    Every announcement and rule here applies to the entire game and community, and everything mentioned here should be taken seriously. Any news found in other places rivaling what’s mentioned here is not applicable. This applies to downloads as well; any downloads on other sites that claim to be official are not official. They may contain viruses or other installs that can harm your computer. The staff is not responsible for your choice to download from other websites. All of our downloads are virus-free. We also wish that you do not duplicate or re-upload our downloads and post them elsewhere. This will violate the Terms and Conditions for this site, and thus serious action will have to be taken.

  • Respect the Staff
    The staff is here to keep everything in order and help you with reports and other problems, not to mention answer any questions you have. Show respect to all of them and listen to what they have to say. Do not insult them or ignore their orders. Disrespect is not tolerated.

  • No Flaming or Harassing
    Any sort of bullying is not tolerated on this forum. Every member should be treated with respect, and no sort of flaming or insults should ever be directed at one another. Handle any disagreements through orderly conversation, but never can you insult, threaten, harass, or any of the sort. If debates get too far out of line, moderators will handle the situation. If you’re being harassed, simply send a private message to a moderator with proof, and it will be handled. Do not respond with more violence.

  • Discussion on Bans and Reports
    You are prohibited to make a thread or mention in a post about being kicked and/or banned from in-game or on the forum. If you were kicked and/or banned, then it was for a reason. If you have a question about it, however, then you are referred to a moderator or an admin. As for reports, do not go and make a thread reporting a user. When you are reporting somebody, you are to send a private message to a moderator or an admin for them to handle it. Any threads discussing a kick/ban or reporting a user will be deleted upon sight.

  • Art stealing
    This forum revolves a lot around creativity and creations and we have plenty of artists around in this place. To put it simple we do not wish to see profiles (avatars and signatures), posts and threads taking use of art that do not belong to the user unless they have exclusive permission to use this art. If we are contacted by the original artist of certain work, we will remove the stolen art found on sight.

  • Multi-posting and Multi-bumping
    Please, refrain from posting more than two or three posts in a row in each thread. Simply click the "modify" button on your post if you want to mention another thing. If you mutli-post, it can get the thread cluttered and difficult to read and understand everything you say. Multi-bumping is similar in this case. If no one replies after the first or second bump, then please let the thread die and refrain from bumping more, because chances are no one will reply.

  • Duplicate Threads
    When you make a thread, there’s no need to post it anywhere else again, unless it was an old died out thread that you’re just reviving. Refrain from posting the same thread anywhere, even in different boards.

  • Off-Topic Posts
    These are not encouraged. If you want to talk about something off-topic then move it to the off-topic section. Advertising is frowned upon as well and is counted as spam, and will be removed upon it’s notice, and you will be sent a warning.

  • This site is PG13
    This is a game aimed for kids 13+. Therefore, any inappropriate pictures, links, or anything of the sort that is shown or hinted here will be removed immediately. This applies (but is not limited) to explicit, sexual, extremely violent, or pornographic material that is seen in your profile, signature, post, avatar, or anywhere that is caused by yourself. If you are caught sending inappropriate material to anyone or posting it anywhere, serious action will be taken.

  • Foreign Languages
    This is an English based website, therefore you are required to have a basic knowledge of the English language, at least on the forum. This is to avoid confusion and miscommunication with the staff and with other members. If members are continuously spotted talking other languages, warnings will be given.

  • Inappropriate Language
    Always keep your language to a level that is in no way rude or offensive. Inappropriate words are not allowed on our forum. This includes cursing and swearing. Implications of such are not permitted either, such as misspelling said curse words to be read as one.

  • Respect your fellow Creators
    FeralHeart is a game where anyone can create almost anything, from meshes to worlds to even custom skins for their characters. This also means that whatever they create, belongs to them and only them unless they give permission for you to use / modify. If you are caught stealing a mesh / preset / map / etc. and claiming it as your own, or in any way slightly modifying said creation without the permission of the creator, strict actions will be taken. We will not tolerate any breaking of this rule.
    *Keep in mind: If you are not sure that permission is given, ask the creator. Unless it specifically says that you are permitted to use and/or modify the creation, you do not have permission.

  • Money and Financial Discussion
    Money discussion about FeralHeart’s servers or website are not allowed. The handling of money is the concern of the staff and not the players. Any threads related to financial discussion around FeralHeart will be removed. If there's something you believe must be discussed, contact the administrators via PM.

  • Multiple Accounts
    Multiple accounts are not encouraged due to many reasons. The staff would rather not have to deal with a bunch of unused accounts that were created for a small purpose and hardly used as much as your primary account. If possible, members of this site/game/forum should keep their account count as low as possible to make things more organized and prevent confusion. Actions might get taken if the staff believes a user is crossing the line.

  • Staff-related Usernames
    If you intentionally create an account that has merely one letter missing, or one letter added, that is a direct copy of a staff member’s username, then it will automatically be deleted upon it’s notice. The reason is the staff would like to avoid any confusion following this.

By following these guidelines, you are able to visit this forum freely and in a friendly manner. Enjoy your stay at the official FeralHeart forum!
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