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Map Making : How To Move the Mini-Map Out of the Way [Picture Heavy]

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I'm not really sure if anybody has made a tutorial about that. It's possible it's been answered in the 'Help' thread but things go missing, you know? It'd be better if there was a tutorial, I suppose.

In the  update, changing the interface was a big part of it. So much to move around, the mini-map in map maker wasn't moved, so it lies underneath all the creating tabs and such.

As so...

Not much of an issue but, hey, some get annoyed by it.

Don't know how to fix it? That's what I'm here for.

First things first, you want to find your FeralHeart folder. If you're new to this, that's why there's pictures. The folder automatically installs to your (C:) drive, unless otherwise stated. In your (C:) drive, you will most likely see your folder named 'FeralHeart'. I have multiple because I tend to break my game a lot.

Now, there's a couple folders in the main FeralHeart file. You want to click on media.

After that, overlays. Simple, right?

(C:) >>> FeralHeart >>> media >>> overlays

Two more. Click on overlays2. You'll see many files but you should easily be able to navigate mapmaker.overlay. Find it and click on it. When it opens you should see this:

If you're new to this, it's not as scary as you think. Trust me.

Side note: if you find that you cannot open the file since your computer does not automatically recognize .overlay-- simply open it in notepad. Any version of notepad will be fine.

From here, you might notice that the scroll bar is very tiny, meaning there is a lot of coding just to put everything in place for your convenience. No worries. Press Ctrl+F. Basically, it's a shortcut for the "Find" tool; a very useful tool that can be found in a lot of programs-- such as your internet browsers.

Ctrl+F should open this:

Now, it may look a tad bit different if you're using a different version of notepad but nonetheless, it is the same. In the empty box, type "mini" and clicking "Find Next" should bring you down to almost the bottom of the coding. This is where you want to be.

You should be here:

Not to fear as you only need to change one line of coding. See the "left 0.875" under the container for BorderPanel? That's the one you want.

From here, simply edit the number. I find the best choice is 0.003
The smaller the number, the close to the left of the screen it is. If you prefer it somewhere else you can play around with the number, but know that going higher than the original number will make it go off-screen.

Now save it.

And just like that your mini-map should be out of the way, with button and all!

I tried to make this as user-friendly as possible, meaning so there isn't a lot of confusion. However, I'm sure some can still be fumbled by this sort of thing, as not all are computer-savvy. If you have questions then you can comment below.

I hope this helps some of you.

Good job, so simple even i can understand it.

Oh heck, this is a very nice tutorial. I didn't even know you could move the mini-map. This is great! Thank you for making this and sharing it with us!

Thank you and of course. I've known about this for awhile. Playing around with the Impressive Title source code and moving around the interface has taught me a lot about this game. I hardly ever go in map maker but my friend had pointed it out.

Simply something nice to know for future reference as well.



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