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The Official FeralHeart Facebook
« on: September 24, 2019, 02:27:52 am »

The FeralHeart Official Facebook page is back!
Have a Facebook account? Like and follow our official Facebook page to enjoy FeralHeart related uploads in your feed. When you like and follow us on our Facebook you'll get all the latest updates on the FeralHeart game, site events, registration openings, important notices, as well as other fun FH related media from screenshots, fanart, presets, videos, and more!

You may remember FeralHeart having a Facebook page back when the game was first released. However, with KovuLKD's departure in 2011 and the Facebook crew's disappearance in 2012 there hasn't been any activity on the page since. For several years, staff were wanting to revive the old page but learned that none of the original Facebook crew that staff reached out to still had access to the page.

So, the decision was made to create a new page to carry on the legacy of the old, lost page. Come and check it out!

FeralHeart Facebook Team

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