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\\Here is where you can add pictures of your artwork!//
Character Artist Submissions (you are here!)
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Post a reply to this thread with your art pieces added in!

Your examples MUST be your work only!

Take note that the submissions made in this thread are simply to serve as examples of your skills. The submissions are not intended for the patch itself.

You may make as many submissions as you'd like.

There is no deadline for submissions as of yet.

The staff will contact you if we believe your work fits in with the style and needs we're seeking for the game.

We are looking for someone who can draw anatomically correct fullbody, headshot canines and felines.
Your style somewhat has to match FeralHeart's style, however, we grant you a bit of creative space to move in.

I'd love to share some things! <3 Lovely idea and I look forward to seeing other posts!

heyo o:
i know i mostly just lurk but anything art related is exciting to me xD

PS,, im more active on dA, which i have linked below, and discord (Aureilius#8776) than here if you want to contact me xDD

here's some of my art- most of the designs are by me (examples of finished art here ^^  https://www.deviantart.com/aureilius )

aaaaaand a ref sheet i made for a character i originally made in fh 6 or 7 years ago

Hhhh why not? Might as well apply here too :'D
I've been an artist in the community for a while, and I'm a student in games design, hopefully games artistry soon also!! It'd help me in my studies and experience :'D Most of my examples are canine though I'll look for feline examples too. You'll have to excuse the messy posting hhh I'm currently out of the country visiting my gf

Here's my dA gallery, there's a good few examples there ^^

Here's some feline examples o:
I wish I had more examples but I'm away from home like I said ;w;

Thank you so much!
My discord is Arkeriel#7141 ^^

Absolutely stunning work by you all! Thank you guys so much for submitting examples of your work and showing interest <3

Keep the submissions coming everyone!


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