Author Topic: You are NOT alone!! Look here if you feel like you need help  (Read 1111 times)

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You are NOT alone!! Look here if you feel like you need help
« on: December 30, 2019, 09:42:34 pm »
Everyone has bad times in their lifes. Life is like a big roller coaster: It has ups and downs.
Doesn't matter if you are in an up or in a down, you should always remember you are not alone.
There are people caring for you and you are important to them no matter what happens.

That's why we ask you to seek help if you feel depressed, or suicidal. We know it's hard to open up and tell your problems, but that's the first step in solving them.

We recommend to tell your family about your problems no matter what.

But we also understand that in some situations that's not a possible solution, or in other situations even if they already know about the problem, the moment can come any time.. So we would like to present these phone numbers and chat lines to you, which offer you immidiate help at any time.

Online Chatrooms
        Lifeline Chat -
   International (English)
        I'm Alive -

Text Line
    Crisis Text Line USA -
    Crisis Text Line Canada -
    Crisis Text Line UK -
    Crisis Text Line Ireland -

Phone Numbers
    USA - 800-273-TALK
    Hungary - 06-80-20-55-20

(This list might get updated in the future.)
Want to support me?
Please message other staff members with your problems. They will forward them to me if necessary.