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Making a Podium is like making any other map, just with a specific camera position and character position in mind! :D

I'll provide a list of details and the heightmap I used for mine so you have something as a reference:

map-name fhPodium
display-name fhPodium
width 2000
height 200
character-position-in-game x1504 y100 z1504
character-position-on-heightmap x384.75,y384.75

As you can see, mine is fairly simple. xD

That gray circle in the bottom-right of the image is where the character will be standing in the character selection/creation screen. I've made mine have a value of 50% or (red=127,green=127,blue=127) so that the ground at that spot is at half of the total height of the map, or 100/200. You should be able to make yours in any way you'd like now that you know exactly where the character is.

Once you've finished making your podium and have exported it, you simply copy the fhPodium.fhm from the exports folder, and paste it into " FeralHeart > media > terrains > fhmaps " and you're good to go, you should now have your own custom made podium in the character select screen!

This same process can be used for the map on the title screen, but using the mapname WaterMill instead of fhPodium. c:

You can also use this link if you are new to making maps:

Just in time for the podium contest!

I'm sure this will be very helpful for floofs who were confused about the character positioning, good work!

Wow, very good guide! It will help for many people!

Ayyy thanks for the guide! Maybe now I can make one for the contest.


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