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all my characters go by human years in terms of age because i simply cannot use any other means of age
in Ash's case she goes by human years because she's me i guess

also, feel free to ask questions about them! (if you can do that here?? idk)

FeralHeart Appearance:
The Traveler

Full Name:
Ash Leaf

Little Cat

Female (She/Her)


Date of Birth:
July 21st


Even without wings, Ash can fly through the air at will. She doesn't know how she can do this, but she doesn't bother questioning it. It does take up energy though, so she cannot fly forever.

Extra Information:
- Ash's front paws are large with long toes. Because of this, she is able to carry items as if her paws were hands. She prefers to use her mouth though, since she uses her paws to walk.
- Ash uses her long, fluffy tails to hide when scared, nervous, or uncomfortable. She also uses them as a blanket while she sleeps.
- Along with her tails, Ash also covers her face with her paws when feeling any of the above emotions.
- Ash uses her ability to fly for the simplest of things. She would much rather fly than climb for example, even when it's close enough to jump to.
- Ash can mimic the sounds of most felines, allowing her to communicate with them even if they cannot speak. She knows their body language as well.
- Ash, like most cats, retained the instinct to fall limp when her scruff is grabbed. Though, even once she's released, it takes her a few moments to regain the ability to move.
- Ash is a pacifist. She refuses to hurt anything, even bugs. She will fight back if needed, though she's still no fighter.
- Ash is Autistic, though high functioning. She still panics when in or around crowds or any other places that set off her senses, though she can handle it fairly well until she is safe again. She still needs time to recover afterwards, of course.


like i said up top, feel free to ask questions about them!

C-Cosmo? Haven't seen that character in...forever oh my god.


--- Quote from: Lark on May 06, 2020, 04:03:06 am ---C-Cosmo? Haven't seen that character in...forever oh my god.

--- End quote ---

it is Cosmo! she's changed a bit since last you saw, huh?

she's my mascot now! and about ten times fluffier

i love her very much

Wow. Very interesting characters! My fav is Cosmo c:

Nice characters!


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