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Okay, I know how to change username. I changed. I thought. To try is that working I logged out from user panel and wanted log in again. But but neither my old name (Dark_heart) nor the new one (Ferniitrie) doesn't work. I'm sure my password is correct. My question is: has anyone ever had something like that (I think so) and do I MUST send an e-mail or just wait?

EDIT: I've got email sounds like: "[email protected] address not found." Can someone tell me what is wrong with that?

I think if you sign out here (on the forums) and sign back in with your new username, it should work!
Just from previous experience it still keeps my old username if I haven't re-signed in, but I could be a wrong, it's been a while since I've changed my user

Thank you, if it won't work I'll send email.
EDIT: nope, it says only: "username not exist"

bump, look on edit.

I think the only other advice I can give is trying to change your username again, or contacting a staff member and seeing if they might be able to change it for you?


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