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FeralCraft - The Official FeralHeart Minecraft Server! UPDATED PLEASE READ

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Yes you're reading that right! We are opening a new
official Minecraft server for the community!

Server IP:
Seed: cbkbc
Server Admin: GeekyGoat [SpicyDirt]
Server Moderators:

Recommended Resource Pack: VanillaTweaks

This server is currently running on Java 1.15.2 - once the snapshot
becomes a full update, we will be updating the server! We also do have
some plugins installed, which include:

-Anti Mob Grief
-Armor Staties
-Double Shulker Shells
-Dragon Drops
-Larger Phantoms
-More Mob Heads
-Multiplayer Sleep
-Track Statistics
-Nether Portal Coords
-Player Head Drops
-And 6 Crafting Recipes!

Server Rules:

1. No Griefing other players
2. No stealing from other players
3. Respect the moderators
4. Respect that fact that not everyone wants to PVP
5. Please follow the FH rules on the server also.

Have fun!


Due to some recent happenings, the server has been forced to be reset and whitelisted. If
you'd like to join, please PM me (SpicyDirt) your MineCraft username. I apologize
for any inconvenience this has caused to others.

Let's all get back to punching those trees.

Yesss about time we had a Minecraft server up again! Come join the fun everyone : D

Seems fun! waiting until quarintine ends will worth it so I can buy minecraft :')

This seems so fun! I love Minecraft but can never stay focused during singleplayer.
I'll def check it out! I'm glad this is finally a thing, it'll definitely bring the community together more.

This seems like a very fun way for the community to spend time together and hang out! I love this idea. Thank you, Spicy, for creating this for us <3


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