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lets just take some time to appreciate all the hard work all the people put into this game. it has been up and running for a great 9 years (or more)! id also say that so many people on this game helped me and made me so happy. quietmacaroni, you spent time with me, made me presets, darkheart, you played glasmar with me when no one else would, you cheered me up when i needed it, lordsuragaha, made a dream come true, cookiethewolf, made me smile and laugh, stayed with me for loads of months, vapreon_leaf, spent time with me, made my days, been a lovely friend and still is to this day. i love you all so much. i made so many good memories on this game. i participated in lots of fun activities. yes, this game often breaks for me and i have to reinstall, but its worthit. i remember when i was still little, dreaming of being able to play this game. and the day came. there have been sad times, seeing loved ones go, but i still have others that im sure will stay with me forever❤️ i hope i coulld become a staff one day and help inprove the game with all the other staff members. im sure one day i will❤️

Wow. I... I really don't know what should I say, I'm so happy! You're one of my best friends (like QuietMacaroni ;) ). Thank you so much <333

The hard work put into Feral Heart certainly never goes unnoticed. There are plenty of people grateful for everything given - good & bad - for that I'm happy to see. All of the experience that have come with this game are ones I'll never forget.
I'm not sure asking to be Staff or hinting at a dire need to join the Team is a way to go about it. With hard work, dedication, loyalty and benevolence; you'll get there. I believe in you.


--- Quote from: Dark_heart on June 17, 2020, 11:23:33 am ---Wow. I... I really don't know what should I say, I'm so happy! You're one of my best friends (like QuietMacaroni ;) ). Thank you so much <333

--- End quote ---
awwww (nuzzles)

This game is very fun. I have made so much memories and I hope I will make many more! Staff and community does so much work for the game and fun of the players. Thank you for the kind words aswell, it is a pleasure being your friend and I will forever. I will always advice you if you need it and correct you if neccesary because that is what friends do. We are like siblings and I will never change such friends.
I believe, that you can become staff. With hard work and dedication, you will. Thank you once again for the praise.❤️


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