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+mango the parrot+

this is a new character i have (mainly a preset lol) wich is a lil parrot birb! the preset was made by one of my besties, dark_heart!

he loves baths XD

when he is raging, he doesnt even look angry but he looks CUTEEE

cuteness level: 1000/10

you gotta mlem your besties to show how much u liek them XD

and just mlem faewyn cuy why not

best cuddle buddy XD

everyone has the right to be angry

god imagine how many marshmallows he could fit in his mouth o.o

probs one of my faves screenies

well, now u know about mango!  :D

Omg, I love them! THEY SCREM!

XD thankie

Loving your creativity! Mango is a very pretty burb. :)

Very lovely preset!


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