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Gif as my avatar..?

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hey! so, whenever i try to set a gif as my avatar (or pfp) on here, it just gets rid of the avatar.. idk how to explain, it says it works but it doesnt load. same when i try to do a avatar using a link. still. wont work.

is it a staff thing??

Hello Kedamono!

This isn't a staff feature, your gif must me at a certain size, mine had to be 100 x 100 (square) or 100mb. There are many places on the internet to resize your gif such as EzGif

I also suggest uploading rather then linking as I have had issues with that in the past too.

yaaay it worked :)


--- Quote from: Kedamono! on July 06, 2020, 12:22:57 pm ---yaaay it worked :)

--- End quote ---
I'm so glad! It is a lovely gif too


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