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Hai, hello and welcym to my characters thread! Hope you'll enjoy!
--- Jyoti

Name: Jyoti [Yyo-tey]
Age: 13-17 (in human years)
Species: Tiger
Pride: Hidden Valley
Rank: Owner/Female Alpha
Mate: none
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Straight
Theme: Poltegreist by New Years Day
Jyoti was a little tiger when her bornplace - Kriena, land of light - has been destoryed. She was child of high-ranked couple in system. But they haven't agreed with king's decides. And this was reason of war. Every tiger who wanted still be free, had to leave Kriena. Jyoti, as a little kid didn't know what happened. Her parents in panic thought she's dead. They left Kriena without her. But she alived, started a pride.


Name: Phoenix
Nicknames: for friends Phoe
Species: Liger
Age: 2,5 years
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Straight
Theme: Victorious by Skillet
Phoenix is a liger from small pride. Pride was created by tigress and lion, but every feline could join them. Phoe had good childhood. Other cubs liked her, her charisma, loyality, and humor. After reaching 2 years she decided to travel world. She visited many magical places and learnt a little about magic - it's why her markings are glowing. Afer half of year she found her pride again. She meet them often and now she's happiest liger in whole world.

--- Le Coconuite

Name: Le Coconuite
Species: unknown
Age: 6 months
Gender/Sexuality: Male/Bisexual
Theme: Da Coconut Nut
Le Coconuite is little boy born in coconut. Romantic, serious (as his age lets him). Loves coconuts.

--- Juliette

Every preset: tinyurl.com/DarkPresets
>> Preset credits <<
Design: me.
Custom: me.
Textures: WolfWorms.
Design: me.
Custom: defalut.
Textures: Oddonelynx's Realistic Textures.
Le Coconuite:
Design: Lethalthelion.
Custom: defalut.
Textures: Lethalthelion.
Design: me.
Custom: defalut.
Textures: Hakumi.
Hope y'all enjoyed!

You have some lovely characters here! I look forward to seeing any other characters you have.

Jyoti is a cutie! <3

Thankies guys! I have one two more characters and working on new OC (but not gonna leave Phoe c:), so be ready for more! (Also, I forgot add link to Phoenix's preset, gonna fix it now)

Look at these pretty babs, I'm loving Phoenix and the items you used on them!


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