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Old Map RP & Hangout day 2020!

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Hello all! This idea is finally coming to fruition!The Old Map RP & Hangout Day!No I don't have a better name xD
This party will take place on July 13th, starting at 12 am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) and ending at 12 pm AEST (on July 14th)
The download for the maps we will be using is here!
The map we will be using is Fluorite Plains. If you have trouble getting there, please contact me in game (username: Kitterr) and I'll take you there from the old Lonely Cave.
Are you wondering why the party starts at midnight July 13th and ends at noon on July 14th? Well, the party is lasting for a day and a half! That's right, a whole day and a half for fun! Oh, and you will be allowed to stay and chill & RP a bit if you'd like after the party has officially ended, so you can friend people you met or keep RPing if you're having too much fun.
I will be there! I'll be on both dates, so I can have fun with you guys and wrap up. Just remember I can't be there immediately because I need sleep too, and I won't be staying up all night on July 13th. Again, I need sleep too yall!

Even when this party is over, I still want to enter Fluorite Plains and see a few people active on it!

Thanks so much if you do decide to attend. -Kit

I missed the first one, so maybe I come to this one! -Runs to bookmark page-

Hopefully, I will be able to make this, but the last few times I tried to get into the old maps it wouldn't work.

Love this idea!

I hope someone will teach me about maps-

We need this party. Love it <3


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