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     Since the last board was removed, I just wanted to take the time to thank Bloo for the last thing they said within the board. It was a very respectful thing to do, and was a very hopeful thing for a member of the staff. They took accountability for their own behavior, and I feel like that needs to be recognized. So thank you for that Bloo, I really appreciate it. And from what others said before the board deleted it, they appreciated it as well.

Yes good job Bloo! <3

I want to edit and say the forum thread still does exist, but for some reason it wasn't letting me in several times, I did manage to get back in though. I'm keeping this up though because this is deserved, and there's a chance that thread will end up being removed anyway.

My respects to you Bloo, usually people don't like apalogizing because they don't like to be wrong but you made the correct. We're going in a good way.

Saw thingy already. Proud of you, Bloo. 👌✌


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