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Critique my art! (large image warning)

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I like to get unbasised opinions from strangers sometimes. I want to get into animation and comics one day, if that gives you a better idea of what I'm going for. Though I don't know what that is myself...

It's pretty good! I like the toony kind of style you have because it makes the drawing more entertaining and your use with colors it's fascinating! I always leave small white parts, that is why I make my draws digitally.. It's great! I love it so much <3 keep it up!

Your various line thickness, the colours and how you draw the characters, works very well!
Your style will definitely work well for comics/ animations because it seems like drawing them as you're doing now in some of them will be easier to work with when it comes to the animation aspect.

For your traditional pieces, very nice. Nothing really too smudgy and you can still tell where the light is coming from. Your sense of shading is also very nice too! Keep it up, you're already showing great promise, especially with the dynamic poses ;; <3 Always feels like the image is truly coming to life.

Your arts are awesome, some picks reminds me random cartoon (or comics), lol.

What's to critique this art is amazing, I love your style!!!!


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