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I'll be deleting my account in the next few following days. I want to leave this thread up for those old friends that may be lurking around still to get ahold of me.

I've been on Feral Heart for a really, really long time. Like probably too long. From my join date in 2011 to today it's been...

9 years, 6 months, 19 days

That's wild to realize guys. Wow. Things have come and gone. Changes have been made. As I said in my post in the latest news thread have I always been happy with these changes? No. But I've stuck around. FH is a game, but it's always been a piece of nostalgia and heartfelt memories over the years. I'll always cherish those. It's let me be creative, taught me so much and meet so many wonderful people. It's been a blast with some hiccups a long the way.

I won't go into details, but as of late I feel a lot of anxiety when it comes to being here. It makes me uncomfortable and I've found other places and projects I want to focus energy into. As such it's time I finally pack up those bags and get a move on.

I'll still be around in FHU and my roleplay groups, but not specifically this game or forum. I'm always open to catching up and keeping in contact with old friends, so feel free to add me on Discord to keep in touch.


Farewell to Feral Heart. I wish the game, staff and remaining community all the best. Be safe. Goodluck. Don't be a stranger. My Discord DMs are open.

My FH public maps, mods and resources are still useable on this game. So no worries on that. uwu

I wish you all the best.

A real shame things have ended this way for you, I can see a few others following suit (and no, before anyone blabbers on, FHU Team is not who I'm talking about).

However, I look forward to seeing what you produce with FHU as things are already very exciting over there. I'll be sure to keep my cheeky eyes on you around those forums and try to find you in-game from time to time.
See you around, loyal FHer.

Stay safe legend <3
Hopefully I can see you continue to make some amazing content over elsewhere <';

take care, zombie


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