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Farewell, friends.

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The day has finally come where Esarosa says goodbye to an old friend.

Ever since the drama started in FeralHeart, my interest has slowly been fading, a few other factors attributed to it but nonetheless, it was mainly the drama and chaos that never seemed to end. I no longer want to be an active member of a community with such history and seemingly will not change. I kept quiet during all of it, because I didn't want to be a part of it, honestly and have always kept my opinions and thoughts to myself. I never thought I would be saying this, but unfortunately I am.

I will be packing my things and heading towards FHU.

Thank you all for the memories, friends, stay in touch with me. It's been real, FeralHeart, since 2011 it has. I've contributed what I can. Farewell and goodbye. <3

My Discord is Esarosa#1973 is anyone is interested in staying in touch!

Pretty sad to see all these players leaving </3 but it's understandable. See you another time, Esarosa. Take care.

Bayo friend... hurts so much, be free & take care.

It’s good you’re moving on with things. Take care! Hope you find happiness!

so long, esa.


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