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Hello, friends. I never thought that I was going to make such a thread but here I am. Due to recent events alongside
my own personal reasoning I will be leaving this game of FeralHeart and moving completely to FHU/FNxFH as I am temporary staff and focusing on such.
Now, I have no ill nature towards this server, please keep that in mind. I respect you all and your own wishes.

It just is not for me anymore.

To staff, I wish you the best of luck with moderating this community, building a better system and future game updates.
To members, good luck and have fun in the coming years.

Now, Ive been in this community since I was 11, in 5th grade. Im 20 now. WOW, time really does fly.
It was an amazing past 8 years sharing the fun of this little game with you all. I really enjoyed every bit of the countless all-nighters Id spend on this game
and the insane sparkledog randomness.

Although I am completely leaving this game, I will still check up on these forums sometimes.
So, that being said.
Goodbye guys and remember....

+If anyone would like to chat with me, my discord tag is below

-  Mσяqqυє#6114

farewell, morqque, see you 'round elsewhere.

Goodbye Morqque, good luck on your moderating time and take care in your way.

Goodbye, take care. I wish you all the best with future endeavours.

Aw no!! You too? Well, peace and hair grease :(


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