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Uh.. so yea.. im quitting. Ever since i left to go camping, i dodnt feel very connected to fh anymore and got bored of it. No maps to explore anymore, no more active besties, stress, sad memories of toxic people i been with, it just got boring now. I will return some day if fh gets new maps or something. I might sometimes pop onto fh from time to time, atleast once a month or two, but if u see me feel free to say hi. I will not be active on the forums either much. ll miss you all.

Love, Kedamono.

PS: i will be active on the forums still, but not on the game. I just wont be as much as i used too.

Saddening but understandable, cya another time Kedamono.

Sad to see your leaving. Be free & take care. <3

Understandable, you take care Keda. Hope you had fun on the camping trip btw.


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