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Sorry if it is sideways. My fursona's demon form and her normal form.

My Fursona. I have since removed the sign from her shoulder but most of her design remains, she is able to hide wings. Idk if this is the same image I posted.


The images are broken, or just not working :(

Better way to upload images:
Go here. (it's safe link ;) ). Upload images from your device. When you'll get this message:

Right-click and:

And then:

Copy link above.
Then just:

--- Code: ---[img]link goes here[/img]
--- End code ---
By the way, I saw your drawing, they're really cool <3

I’ve always found felines a little trickier to draw than canines, but you draw them so well! Beautiful sketches <3 Would love to see more of your work if you ever upload more :)

Unfortunately I can't see the images you've provided, but I'm sure they look wonderful. <3 I'll keep an eye on this thread in case the images get fixed.


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