Author Topic: Realistic Lion RP (NASABA)  (Read 522 times)

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Realistic Lion RP (NASABA)
« on: May 07, 2021, 05:38:14 pm »
Hello /ᐠ≗ᆽ≗ᐟ  \

EDIT: Title changed!

I'm looking for a small group of players that are willing to try a realistic in-game RP session and see where it goes. 
It takes place in a Lion King setting but it has the same social dynamics as real-life lion prides; male lions can form a coalition or fight against other males to maintain dominance over a pride. Lionesses conduct hunting parties, and raise cubs, which can be killed by raider lions. Twists can be added, and in-game drama between characters is needed to fuel the story(s).

Players have limited character design however, and are preferred to look like traditional lions; think, Lion king. But if you want your character to have a twig in his mouth, scars, etc, it's no biggie.
I've come up with player classes to give you some ideas for character development and placement...

Cub:You have come into the world just a few days ago, and everything sparks your curiosity, from a fluttering butterfly to a bumbling bee. You play with other cubs to build up your social skills and your mother teaches you the ways of the Pride. Father isn't around much, but can make for an excellent playmate when he isn't napping or looking after his territory! Life seems fun, but be wary of Raiders...they will be the death of you.

Juvenile: Your a teenage lion, and if you're male, the mane is beginning to show itself on the top of your head and your belly! And dad is starting to see you as potential competition... Your big enough to follow the lionesses on hunts and learn from them, but you still need to be cautious of raider lions. There's still a lot you need to learn about the world. Either you will be chosen as the next king, or you'll become a Raider.

Lion/Lioness: Being an adult, the fate of the Pride is on your shoulders. You must take part in hunts, and fight challenging raider lions to defend the cubs. All lionesses work together when raising cubs. Of course, some lionesses can be more fond of cubs than others. You can fight Raiders, or use your charm to distract them, giving your cubs enough time to hide.

King/Kings: The king, or kings lead the pride and scout their territory. They are usually the first to eat and maintain their dominance in a pride, using a bit of charm with the ladies along the way. Form a coalition with another king to help manage leadership, and fight off Raiders.

Raider: Kicked out by your pride, you're a young, up-and-coming lion whose mane is fully grown, and you're ready to start your own pride. You'll go to great lengths to get there, even if it means killing a cub. Raiders can form coalitions to stand against a King(s).

Elder: You have retired from being king, either by choice or forced by Raiders. As a lioness, you no longer have cubs and instead help watch over them, while passing on knowledge and wisdom.
Outcast/Wanderer: The worst position for any lion to be in. You were either a king that was forced away from his pride, a cub abandoned by their pride, or a young lioness in search of raiders to start a new pride. Your chances of survival are at their slimmest. Little to none.

Rules/Things to keep in mind:
- No powerplay or magic. If you're a single lion facing against two lions, your chances of winning are slim to impossible. Hence the importance of coalitions.
- If your character dies in RP, you can reincarnate as a new character. Basically, you can create several characters for the roleplay.
- No roleplaying as Lion King characters. Lookalikes are optional. Creating your own character with their own bio is a must.
- In-game roleplaying only. I may create a group on discord or other where players can interact, share artwork, etc. but this will not be where the majority of roleplaying take place. And I will work on it if this attracts enough players to begin with.
- Loners are accepted but not encouraged, a lion needs a pride in order to survive to the fullest!
- Characters need to act according to their class at least a little, but this does not need to define their entire personality. For example, you can play as a lioness that doesn't like cubs, a Raider that's against killing cubs or take a more villainous approach.
- The way you type RP does not matter, as long as you stick to your class and realism.
- Don't be afraid to be a little edgy! This is a realistic lion RP, not a Disney movie!
- Roleplayers are not expected to RP each day, life gets busy!
- There is no private map made for this RP (YET) but I will plan to make one if enough players show interest! The meetup will take place by the coast.

Well, that was a mouth full and if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. Roleplaying on discord is acceptable if a player or two has no way of getting into the game, but is meant to be a temporary substitute and would mostly be a place for players to interact outside of rp.
Have a nice day! I may not respond instantly but I log in at least once a day \( ゚ヮ゚)/

Feel free to share the character(s) you plan on using in the game ^-^
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Re: Realistic Lion RP (The Savanna)
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2021, 08:33:49 pm »
Good luck with your group!

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Re: Realistic Lion RP (The Savanna)
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2021, 01:03:13 am »
I wish you luck with your RP! It sounds quite interesting!

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Re: Realistic Lion RP (The Savanna)
« Reply #3 on: May 08, 2021, 02:36:55 am »
Good luck with your group! It looks fantastic~

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Re: Realistic Lion RP (The Savanna)
« Reply #4 on: May 08, 2021, 03:44:26 pm »
Oh my- the vast lands of Savannah... That's cool!
I hope your group does well! Looks very interesting~ x3
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