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Welcome to the FH Manual!

In this manual you will be able to run through the basics of the game and learn how to get started! Whether it’s about learning the controls, creating a character, making your own map, and a variety of other necessities. Nonetheless, this manual should help you learn the basics and how-to’s of Feral Heart!

On the right side of the page is a list of tabs at your convenience, player! To get started, click any one of the tabs to the right and begin reading. Surely you won’t need to read and absorb every little thing, but if you need assistance with something, it is usually best to read the list of guides that are organized for you, so you may better understand how to play!


If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to visit our help threads or message a staff member for help! Have fun playing!

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Game Controls
Basic Controls
In-Game Menus
Chat Box Toggle
Map Toggle
Info and Bio
Actions and Emotes
Character Creation
IV + V
Preset Making
Preset Tutorial
Getting A Preset In-Game
Map Making
Height Maps
Terrain Masks
Getting Maps In-Game
Adding Objects
Sky Maker
Object Making
Making Objects