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Mystery Islands
« on: August 06, 2021, 08:45:41 pm »
Mystery Islands

Old Order arc
Long ago, a group of sorcerers developed an entire ecosystem of unique creatures and hid them away on five islands shrouded in mist to obscure their location. Over these was set a ruler, a great black dragon, who watched over the islands and protected them from foreign invasion. The King, as he was called, required all aristocrats to train for battle and set up the overseers to monitor their progress. The islands knew a kind of peace as long as no one knew about them and everyone followed orders, but some questioned if there was more to all this than the King was letting on.

Chaos arc
For reasons uncertain, The King has disappeared. Many of the species of the islands have forgotten about him, and in his absence, chaos has ensued. Predators have become too strong, chasing off or eliminating certain prey species, and the waters around the island grow more toxic, killing off many aquatic lifeforms. In addition, humans have discovered the islands. Since few species have kept up their training, this threat has not been handled, and now the creatures' entire way of life is threatened.

◊ New
◊ Completely original with complex setting and lore
◊ Fantasy: Involves original species and some magic
◊ No RPS required
◊ Literacy at the discretion of the players
◊ Loosely plotted
◊ Gore and violence allowed, but no NSFW and keep language to a minimum
◊ Maps under construction
◊ FeralHeart or Discord-based (

Reply here, send me a message, find me on FeralHeart, or join the Discord if you're interested!

(art by me)
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Re: Mystery Islands
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2021, 10:08:06 pm »
This looks interesting, good luck with your roleplay!
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