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Introduction / Re: My Introduction
« on: April 20, 2024, 01:41:21 am »
Hello fellow Late-To-the-Clubber! ;D
Eeeey nice! I'm not that alone lol. When did you begin playing? That, if you don't mind me asking lol.
2018, but I had known about the game since 2015.

Introduction / Re: My Introduction
« on: April 18, 2024, 11:16:12 pm »
Hello fellow Late-To-the-Clubber! ;D

Member Bio & Journals / Re: Virtual Dream Journal
« on: April 12, 2024, 11:37:36 pm »
6:38 AM 2/14/2024
I seemed to get sucked into the world of Flight Rising while bonding some dragons with their familiars and I ended up in the Southern Icefield. I played with a snowball and then telported/flew to a hill. I rolled the snowball down the hill and then slid down, "racing" the snowball. Then I found a hot spring with a polar bear in it. I went to join the bear but the water was TOO HOT! When I got out, I found a polar bear cub and let it sniff my hand. Then polar bear in the hot spring then got up and claimed the cub. The end.
200th (w00t!):
6:43 AM 2/20/2024
I was in what looked like a park. With Nintendo characters like Mario, Luigi, and Wario. I met some guy that looked like the Mario 64 Mario but was black and white and had dot eyes. There was some kind of sheep dogs running around, playing. Then I think I was like: "let's collab" and he agreed and we made some video about the sheep dogs. Then I remember being on top of a hill and at the bottom of the slope was Luigi having a mental breakdown (Don't ask, I'm amused, yet just as confused as you probably are). Then I saw him being comforted by Wario and Waluigi. Not my strangest.
7:09 AM 3/1/2024
I was in Eddsworld, in the main characters' house specifically. We were all in the kitchen and Tom was trying to pick a fight with me for some reason, maybe I was Tord?
6:44 AM 3/6/2024
I dreamed a gladiator in a battle with CPR dummies, that had bodies. I tore their limbs off which causes me to win [They didn't actually die] and then had a talk with the King Dummy which I do not remember.
6:50 AM 3/18/2024
(Order is not 100% correct, because I forgot a little bit...)
1. I was at my school, I checked my posture for some reason and was passing by a door with windows. It was raining really hard outside. Then an old friend of mine called me over to show me something, I forgot what he showed me but I think my reaction was: "Oh. Cool." and then they [the school board] forced us all to walk outside in the pouring rain to the next part of the building for some reason. Ouch.
2. I was watching YouTube on my tablet, scrolling and stuff. I found this video by some artist guy and it had around 384 views and the thumbnail was of him posing next to his painting of a iguanodon by some water. I clicked on it and was greeted was this odd scene of a tiny man in someone's hand fighting a monstrous squirrel. I scrolled down to the comments. Nobody was talking about it.
3. Got teleported into a savannah. I was a member of the camera crew for some documentary. I was setting up the camera but animals kept messing with them. First a monstrous squirrel probably from the last dream, and a monkey. I was readjusting them when then a pride of lions showed up and I got chased away as I thought something along the lines of: "Maybe I've been touching too much grass..."
1:32 PM 3/24/2024
I was in some sort of supermarket, like Kroger or Walmart. I moving around on my knees at high speeds using one of those 4-wheeled scooters with the handles! Other people were chasing me, we were playing Tag. The taggers were on bikes or regular scooters and everyone else just the small, handled ones. It was so much fun! I almost wish it was real...
1:09 PM 3/25/2024
I was in Russia and found a playground. It was all colorful but then a few feet away was a swing set with bars made of sticks facing barbed wire fences I swung for a bit on it and got really high up in the air! I think my mom told me to be careful though so I wouldn't hit the barbed wire.
11:46 AM 3/26/2024
Dream marathons. Dream marathons everywhere...
1. I was back at SCHOOL! With some friend I've never met in my entire life. He seemed nice.
2. I dreamed that LBP3 was for the DS but it differed in a way. What happened in my dream was that instead of Newton flying away after he releases The Titans, it just cut to scene of him being thrown into a cage. The funny thing is, Newton seems self-aware of the changed story and said things like: "Hey, wait! Let me out! Please?" "This isn't supposed to happen!".
8:03 PM 3/27/2024
Whoa! Two marathons in a row? w00t!
1. I was back at SCHOOL AGAIN! But I got to watch someone embarrass themself in a hallway. Nothing that hasn't happened IRL.
2. Now here's teh gewd stuff. I was playing Animal Jam [the 2D one] when all of the sudden my den started to flood I freaked out and climbed on top of the roof but it started to reach there and then I ran all over the games' maps trying to escape the water until I burst out of the game as a snowkin [A creature I made up, looks like a polar bear but earless, hairless and with nostrils near its nose bridge and arms instead of front paws.] jumping on floating glass like in Squid Game while there was water below me and then I made it onto dry land and fought wolves before running off.
1:35 PM 3/30/2024
1. I was in a movie theater with at least one of my parents. I remember seeing a lot children there, so it must have been something at least PG13. There was an old man and a little girl next to me. She ditched her huge bag of popcorn that was about as tall as the average table leg! I looked around...And then claimed it for myself! Didn't finish it, but it was delicious alright!
2. I was watching some mobile game video where the objective was to hit or run people over with millitary jeep in a dream-hospital, nothing graphic happened but it woke up the people so "they could get medical attention". The game's graphics looked dated, like a low budget 2010s 3D fad-game that would die out within 8 years.
6:54 PM 4/10/2024
It's been a while, huh?
1. I was at a tropical island with my dad. There were people there and it was beautiful, warm, and sunny. Then we left the island by using plastic bowls as boats down a stream. No, we weren't tiny or the bowls were giant. Just regular-sized plastic bowls.
2. I awoke to my television and phone blaring alarms for incoming nukes. I remember it hauntingly saying: "This is not a drill." I didn't believe it at first until I look at the left corner of my room and saw a nuke there and looked out my window and also saw a nuke launching. I stood there as I watched the one in my room look like it was getting dragged and dropped to near my window before exploding. I rushed to the basement while everyone else in my house didn't seem to notice all of this commotion, somehow. Talk about heavy sleepers. Anyway, I sat in the basement in sadness and terror as I heard the sounds of above cease and the sounds of explosions. After I woke up from this nightmare, I stared around my room for a while in a mix of shock, yet relief. This was horrific, to say the least...

Introduction / Re: Hello
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Forum Games / Re: Who can post last?
« on: March 28, 2024, 05:57:26 pm »
That's nothing, I started when I was 818 and now I'm 823!

Art Gallery / Re: Saboomba's character art
« on: March 25, 2024, 05:37:21 pm »
Hey, one of your characters is named Leroy.

Forum Games / Re: Who can post last?
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Forum Games / Re: Who can post last?
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Who is that?

Forum Discussion / Re: Wayback Machine
« on: March 19, 2024, 10:52:48 pm »
I remember visiting the Wayback Machine back in 2020 to see what Feralheart looked like! :)

Community Activities Hub / Re: FH Easter Art Contest
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