Author Topic: The Wild Side - Warrior Cat and Canine RP (4 years+ Active)  (Read 61 times)

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THE WILD SIDE -- The line between right and wrong is blurred. In the vast expanse of this strange land, you may find an array of different stories; from the clan cats to the Roamers, to the Wolves, to the Regals and to the Eindrides. Deciding which side you're on may be easy, but, deciding what to believe is the hard part. As the Wolves are being hunted, the Regals are being feared, and the Roamers are being accused, everyone has their secrets. Everyone has their faults even the Clan cats. No two canines are alike just as no two felines are the same, each group makes up their own laws believing their ways and customs are superior to another; that their way of life is the only way to prosper. Joining a pack or clan could very well lead to your success or demise. Everywhere you turn a new enemy faces you, baring their teeth at your neck, everywhere you look, there's betrayal, heartbreak, and war. To make matters worse, Mother Nature is cruel. Her unforgiving manner has no time to care who you are or what you've been through. Your decisions decide the outcome as the seasons change, as well as your loyalties.

This is a third person roleplay site with account per person, with a small twist; There are no humans and we support Warrior cat roleplay as well as a Canine roleplay! Don't worry if you only like one as these two animals will never meet in roleplay.

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